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If you are tired of yelling, sounding like a broken record, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like you are failing as a parent, or simply looking for information, you have come to the right place.

You are not alone!

Amity Parenting helps you regain your sanity by offering a non-judgemental space to openly and honestly discuss your concerns and skilled coaching to address your specific needs. You will feel better, have increased skills and be more confident in your parenting journey.

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Amity Parenting


We live in a time of an abundance of information on parenting. It has become more confusing than ever to know how to raise children to be confident, responsible, and independent human beings that can successfully navigate the complexities of life. Amity Parenting can help you find confidence in your own parenting style. We can guide you in parenting with self-assurance and will help you find solutions to your unique concerns. 

Meet Hillary

For over 20 years I have been passionate about working with families, children and youth. I have combined experiences from working professionally with families and having three of my own children.

I have experienced parenting struggles firsthand with single parenting, a child with ADHD, anxiety, going through a divorce, being in a blended family, navigating the teen years, absent fathers, and parenting while healing from my own childhood trauma. I have made many mistakes, struggled, cried countless times and felt the dreaded mom guilt. 


It's ok to ask for help and I am available when you need it the most.

"The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult."

Ewan McGregor

What We Do

Today's parents face different and more complex challenges than previous generations. Combine that with the overwhelming and often conflicting parenting information available, it's no wonder why parents find themselves struggling at times.


Navigating child development, ADHD behaviours, divorce, social media/online use, mental health concerns, peer conflict, school pressures, and moody behaviours are only some of the concerns today's parents face.  

Together we will identify the root of the problem and utilize effective strategies that will increase parent education and leave you seeing positive changes. Your individual coach will identify your strengths and help you build on your successes. We already know you are amazing and will help you see it too!

Hiring Amity Parenting is an investment in a family’s future. We are passionate about families! We want your entire family to function at its best – Because your family is worth the investment!


Tammy - Lethbridge

Single parent

"Hillary has an amazing way of coaching that brings out your best skills. She is fun, and shares her insights in a way that makes sense."


Anonymous - Lethbridge

Blended Family

"Hillary has taught me a lot. When your parenting styles change, your teen changes automatically. She has helped our family huge. We have been to many counselling sessions and not one has helped. She easily connected with our teen. Our home is definitely more calm. I highly recommend her professional services."

Richelle - Edmonton

Married- 2 kids

" I absolutely love Amity Parenting's values and beliefs. Hillary has taught me so much and I have no doubt she will continue coaching me because she teaches so much more than healthier ways to parent. That being said, I truly believe she has helped me to be a better mother. Thank you for everything!"

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