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Amity for parents

Let's face it, parenting is harder than you thought. You are being tested in ways you could not anticipate. You are full of love, frustration and the realization there is just not enough coffee to cut the daily exhaustion. Yet, you want to do better than how you were raised. You want to feel proud of your chosen path as a parent but there are things that can get in the way. Parent guilt is a real thing. Anxiety about ruining your child, fighting with your spouse about the "right way" to parent, daily yelling at your kids, and slowly the joy that was promised to you is slowly fading away. Take.a breath. You are awesome. Amity family specialists are here to help. Sign up today and book your free consultation to find out how we can help. 


Personalized Coaching

Amity coaches are family specialists trained to understand your family dynamics. Coaches are skilled in identifying presenting issues, navigating complex problems, and providing support and education along the way. You will not only understand your child better, feel more empowered as a parent and, will quickly get back to harmony with your family again. 



Family Sessions are ideal for families that have older children/teens and find themselves stuck in higher levels of negativity, constant battles, and may have concerns about their teens' safety or family stability.  Family sessions are effective when all family members are involved and through the use of skills drawn from mediation and solution-focused practice, this process is highly effective in creating lasting change. 

Skill Builder Groups

Small groups are an excellent choice for your child, who may need an extra boost to their social and emotional learning. Small groups provide targeted instruction for skill-building in areas of your child's day to day life that are causing added stress. 


Check out the Group page for the group descriptions and schedule. 

Group Topics covered: 
Stress Busters- learning all about stress, anxiety, and how to get worries back under control.

Positive Self- Group- focused on whole self well-being. Self-esteem, growth mindset, goal setting, nutrition, conflict, and communication. 

Friendship- All about making and keeping great friends.  



Conflict happens! It is often challenging to know what to do in times of crisis and stress. Amity can help with a variety of issues such as problematic behaviors in children and teens, adoption issues, foster care challenges, ADHD related issues, blended family situations, separation/divorce, and more.

If you feel like you cannot manage one more fight, outburst, disrespect, defiance, or struggle please reach out. We are judgement free and are there for you even in the toughest of times. 



Teens and pre-teens are faced with different challenges today than
ever seen before, cyberbullying, sexting, ADHD behaviors, mental health, suicide, self-harm, and overall seem less equipped to manage life’s stress. An Amity specialist can connect with your teen, offer one to one support, teach life skills, stress management, and help strengthen family and peer relationships. 

Amity services are available all over Canada and internationally.


In-person services are available in Victoria, BC

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