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about us

A friendly relationship is the definition of Amity. We believe the best parenting happens through a positive relationship within the context of the family. Think back to your favourite teacher or coach. What was it that made them your favourite? It was likely how they made you feel, how you felt liked and respected and made you feel wanted. A friendly relationship can go a long way and encourage your children to be and do what you want without fights, frustration, threats, and tears. 

Being 'friends" and "friendly" is not the same thing. Being an effective parent requires leadership, empathy, parental authority and flexibility.

about Hillary

Hillary is passionate about family work. She holds her diploma in Child and Youth Care and has over 18 years of directly working with children, youth, and families. Hillary practiced as a child protection social worker for ten years, has training in mediation, studied developmental psychology through the Neufeld Institute, and as a Child Development Advisor in a K-8 school supporting students with their social and emotional needs.


She has a busy family of three girls, ages 21, 9, and 6 years old. She understands a wide variety of parenting challenges firsthand. Hillary loves family work with teens and is an enthusiastic group facilitator for all ages. She is highly successful in helping families achieve happiness and confidence. Hillary is the creator and owner of Amity Parenting. 

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