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Small Groups

Small Groups

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"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future"

                                                 Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Stress Busters

Stress Busters consists of eight lessons. Upon completion of the group, your child will have a clearer understanding of their stress and will have the tools to lessen the effects of stress and anxiety in daily life. This group is based on Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Ages 8+ There is a 1-hour parent session following the completion of the group to give parents insights into supporting their child at home. Max 10 participants

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Friendship 101

To be a confident socializer, children require a set of basic skills to have functional social intelligence. Breaking down these skills into eight easy lessons will equip your child in the art of making friends. Your child will learn how to meet people, what qualities make a good friend, communication skills, conflict resolution, and so much more. This group is for ages 6+.
Maximum Ten participants.


Positive Self

Negative messaging is all around us. Youth today are under constant criticism about who they are or want to be. There is an increase seen in young people experiencing negative mental health, low self-esteem, poor self-image, and difficulty at home and school. We will explore a variety of topics, and by the end of the group, students will have tools to take charge of their happiness, improve self esteem, manage life stressors and increase resiliency. The groupings are customized depending on the youth. Maximum 10 participants per group.

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