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children and youth

Being a kid these days is not easy. There are many different issues that kids face and struggle with daily that range from bullying, sexuality, divorce to mental health, and suicide. Amity provides a variety of options to support children and youth, build skills, and empower children to become resilient, capable, and confident members of society. 

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White Branch
Therapy Office

One to One

Amity provides one to one support. A safe place for your child to talk about anything that's weighing on them and receive empathetic listening, skill-building, and problem-solving help.

Take the stigma away from traditional therapy and see why Amity is different. 

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Organized Desk

Online groups

Amity offers a variety of groups. Once Covid is more manageable groups will be offered in person as well as online. 

Groups are all designed to promote your child's strengths, empower resiliency, increase confidence, and encourage your child to manage problems and stress with proven strategies.

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Kids Clubs

Kids club is an opportunity for your child to safely connect with other kids going through similar life experiences such as bullying, separated or divorced parents, grief and loss and much more.  Your child can sign up for different clubs each. month. The club is facilitated by an Amity Specialist who ensures safe and respectful conversations, topics and helps kids to connect with other kids through conversation. 

$15/month for 4 spots or $5 drop in

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Kids Clubs

Dynamite Club

Kids are affected by Divorce, Separation, blended families, step-parents, and siblings. In this club, your child can share their own examples and help others going through the same type of life experiences. 

Sunshine Club

Mental health affects more and more children each year from anxiety, depression, self-esteem, ADHD, OCD to self-harm and suicidal thinking. Having a safe space to talk openly without judgement is essential to reducing risk and creating positive mental health. No child should suffer in silence. The sun eventually comes out after the storm. 

Roots Club

No child should go to school in fear, be intentionally bullied, feel less than, be an outcast, and suffer. This club is to support those kiddos who have experienced bullying and will be guided through safe conversations around bullying and how to make a difference.