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Phone Coaching $150

On going parent coaching and support over the phone as needed.  Billed per hour. 

In Person - $180

There are many reasons why in person sessions are beneficial. To make it easy and confidential, coaches meet with you and your family in the comfort of your own home. 

Family Sessions - $180

Family problems require a family approach. Each family is unique, and when issues arise, all family members participate in creating the solutions. Through observation, conversation, and effective planning, family sessions are an excellent way for everyone to feel included, heard, and share responsibility. 

Youth Support - $90/hr

Have a young person struggling to make meaningful connections, seems isolated, needs someone to talk to.

In person, Telephone or Zoom

Need a break?

Skill Builder Groups 

8 sessions 

$50- online group

Small groups are offered to help young people with specific social, emotional or life skills. 

Family Starter Package - $500

If your family is in Crisis this package is specialized to quickly calm the chaos and provide ongoing support to keep things moving in a positive direction. This includes consultation, 2 In home meetings and 3 hours of telephone follow up.

Results are seen immediately and with 3 hours of support you will have the comfort in knowing you are no longer alone. 

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